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All aspects pertaining to government Jurisdiction and Laws are discussed below.

All our policies are well formulated and meet the accordance of the governed laws of India. The courts of Delhi & Mumbai have an exclusive hold on these policies and jurisdiction.By acknowledging this disclaimer, you legally agree to the use of our website and services and further agree to proceed at your own risk. You also acknowledge the fact of the maximum extension which is permitted by any law, that is applicable to the content and product information on the website and the service offered. You are also now aware that we provide information on the website on the basis of our products use and may or may not have a warranty of any kind which may be either implied or expressed. This may also include limitations of warranty dealing with the quantum of any sales, the ability of the merchant, any type of fitness for all-purpose modules and products related to titles, Non – Infringement considering those arising to any course of dealing, along with the use of trade, KEY INTERNATIONAL services, our employees and agents.

We also own the right to our own highlight launch called KIOASIS, which is governed by our principles and regulations. You will be accounted for user access of the website and our services can be accessed on our website at any location of your choice. We are also not responsible for any interrupted services or any errors while browsing. However, we do acknowledge if the issue is from our end, it will be rectified at the suitable time of our convenience. In the case of any virus or other such harmful type components, that may arise at a point which we are not liable to pay for any damages or loss suffered and incurred by you. Our website service has the rights to make a change of any features and patterns on our website, without prior notification. This also refers to key International design and layout of our interface.

Payment Disclaimer

We hereby state, that all services from KEY INTERNATIONAL, will be designed and developed only by our approval and are certified under numerous international standards. So our payments are secure and can only be accepted by us not any third-party vendor. Our prices are all fixed and do not have a bargaining rate. We have tie-ups with other online services like pay pal, but require you to make the payment through our website alone. We are also not responsible and liable to pay any such damages or losses incurred, by any transactions under any circumstances towards any organization or individual.

Packing Disclaimer

All our packing will be wrapped and tasked by us and will abide by the laws and jurisdictions of the international standards. Further, we also will adhere to the requirements of the laws pertaining to the country of import which will be adequately marked and labeled as per key international standards. We are not responsible for the damage in any packing or the product content after the shipment has been delivered to you.

Cancellation Disclaimer

*Note: KEY INTERNATIONAL owns the right to cancel any order when the following standards are not met.

  • The selected product is not available in stock.
  • The product is no longer up for sale.
  • Limitations of product due to lack of quantity or quality.
  • Error or any inaccurate pricing information.
  • Address or any other information provided by our buyers that may be inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Any non-serviceable area or location.
  • Any reason key International may find inconvenient.

Ownership of a Product

The ownership of any product will be handed over directly to the customer, however, once the delivery proves successful, Key international is no longer responsible for the product safety or damage. As the sole provider, KEY INTERNATIONAL will give any mandates regarding the logistics of the package to its partners to ensure a smooth and prompt delivery of goods transfer.

You hereby declare by reading this and proceeding that you accept all rules and regulations of KEY INTERNATIONAL and agree to abide by the laws and jurisdiction governed by the laws and court policies of India.